Our Technology

Corral hosting technology was developed to ensure the best WordPress experience for your customers and your search engine optimization. Our managed web hosting solution is perfectly optimized for all your WordPress or WooCommerce needs. Great hosting is the foundation of any website and with Corral, you will be able to turn your online aspirations into a reality! 

Corral Hosting Solution

Our Corral managed WordPress hosting solutions utilize LiteSpeed web servers from LiteSpeed Technologies on the cloud services platform, Amazon Web Services. LiteSpeed servers are not only in high demand but also offer scalable, high-performing results. This guarantees you a fast WordPress website that is capable of handling anything.

With Corral hosting, we also include the WordPress LiteSpeed plugin on all installations, preconfigured for optimal results. This ensures the fast and efficient performance of your website.  In fact, some of our clients are receiving 100% performance scores on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Corral customer with 100% Google PageSpeed score on mobile and desktop.

LiteSpeed Servers on Amazon Web Services 

The LiteSpeed Web Server powers Corral to give you a high-performing website around the clock. This means we can safely integrate it without compromising anything.

LiteSpeed comes with a range of impressive features. It is also very easy to configure thanks to its intuitive WordPress plugin. All this gives our Corral technology the effective web hosting infrastructure it needs to cater to your online needs. 

LiteSpeed is scalable and has unmatched speed. It’s this superior performance that makes it the perfect choice to power popular content management systems, like WordPress. It is significantly faster than other servers while serving PHP content. In addition, it enhances PHP performance and overall website security. 

Where LiteSpeed Technologies ensures our hosting platform’s speed, Amazon Web Services ensures easy and fast storage of our customers’ website data. Amazon Web Services is a cloud-based services platform that allows us to do the following things:

  • Run effective applications and web servers in the cloud in order to host your website.
  • Safely store your files and data on the cloud so you can access them whenever you want to.
  • Deliver dynamic files in record time on a global scale using a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Allow you to send emails in bulk to all your customers. 

In a nutshell, Amazon Web Services lets Corral help your business to grow faster online at half the hassle and price. What more could you ask for?

Enjoy A Fast WordPress Site With The LiteSpeed Plugin 

Our Corral hosting solution makes use of the LiteSpeed plugin: the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress. This plugin takes the brakes off your website’s speed and features an exclusive server-level cache. It also has extra optimization features to ensure your site’s success. It supports WordPress Multisite and is compatible with popular WordPress plugins. 

LiteSpeed Cache is accurate, efficient, and fast!. It allows our hosting solution to fully cache eCommerce pages and personalized content for logged-in users. Not only does it include built-in page speed optimization. It also optimizes images and offers a critical CSS generation service and third-party CDN integration. 

What’s more, it offers a highly configurable cache crawler. This makes it exceptional at improving user experience across all our customers’ websites. No wonder this plugin has a 5-star rating on the WordPress Plugin directory!

No longer will you have to fear website traffic spikes. With Corral and the LiteSpeed plugin, you will be able to effectively manage cache. Simply sit back and witness how your websites flourish firsthand! Now you are free to effectively cater to both your WordPress and WooCommerce websites without invoking PHP. 

The LiteSpeed Cache Manager will also enable you to mass deploy the LiteSpeed plugin across all your WordPress installations at just a click of a button. By using the LiteSpeed server, you can double your maximum capacity. There is no need for a third-party caching layer anymore! 

The Fastest WordPress Stack

Fast and efficient websites not only boost search engine optimization efforts. They also enhance customers’ user experience. For this reason, it is essential that you invest in the right hosting technology. This will help you take your company to the next level.

At Corral, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we merge the right tools to effectively enhance WordPress websites. The three tools or platforms that we utilize can be seen as the three pillars that champion our hosting service. 

By joining LiteSpeed web servers on Amazon Web Services with the Litespeed plugin, we have created one of the fastest WordPress stacks. By investing in Corral hosting solutions, you are investing in a better, faster, and more versatile WordPress website. 

A faster website means you will have higher customer satisfaction and more online sales. So make sure you choose a hosting company that cares about your website speed just as much as you do! 

Added Benefits With Corral Hosting

Free SSL Certificate

Our Corral hosting solution is packed with features that will benefit any WordPress website. As part of our hosting package, you will receive free SSL certification. This certificate consists of tiny data files that digitally attach a cryptographic key to your organization’s details. 

It then gets installed on a web server. This allows for secure connections from that web server to a browser. It is essentially used to secure digital transactions, data transfers, and the browsing of social media platforms.

With this added benefit, you won’t have any sleepless nights worrying about the security of your website. 

Migrate Your Website To WordPress

No matter what content management platform you are currently using, we can migrate your site to WordPress. It will be an exact clone of your current website so that you can keep everything as you like it. 

Our experienced migration team will ensure a seamless migration process that won’t result in downtime. 

Free Global CDN

Our Corral hosting makes use of a global content delivery network (CDN). This ensures that your website runs at optimal capacity from anywhere in the world.

Online traffic can pour in from anywhere in the world and enjoy an optimized user experience. This is especially important if you are a global brand or business. With Corral technology, you will definitely be able to reach people seamlessly across the globe with a fast-loading site.

Daily Backups

With Corral, your website data gets loaded onto the cloud on a daily basis. You can easily restore your website to a previous version if you ever need to. 

A lot of things can go wrong real fast in the digital world. If they do, you need to be sure you have the backups you need to restore your website in a timely fashion. 

Optimize Your Website Today With Corral Hosting

Corral technology was developed to ensure the best WordPress experience for both you and your customers. By utilizing LiteSpeed web servers on Amazon Web Services, and including free installation of the WordPress Litespeed plugin, we are the preferred hosting partner for serious website owners.

If you want to speed up your WordPress website and better the user experience of all your online customers, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Corral hosting solution can help you to optimize your website and turn potential leads into loyal clients.