Blog Migration

Case Study

Kate Warman is a fashion expert, with experience as a buyer for Barney’s New York. We teamed up with WordHerd to support and manage the hosting solution for her migrated blog and website from Squarespace to WordPress. The website migration project required WordPress theme implementation, plus all posts along with categories, tags, original dates, authors and a ton of high-resolution fashion photos to be migrated to WordPress.


“I greatly enjoyed working with Corral & WordHerd for the transfer of my blog website. They handled everything so smoothly and were able to help me with any questions I had during the process. I would highly recommend WordHerd for both your website transfer and Corral for your hosting!”
Kait Warman


  • 100’s of posts migrated
  • 1,000’s of high resolution assets migrated
  • Categories, tags and original dates intact
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • WordPress theme implementation
  • WordPress Security

Migration Technology

Corral has partnered with WordHerd to make it easy to move your Blogger site. WordHerd’s technology makes it easy to migrate your content into WordPress, saving you days of tedious migration work.